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BJ Grand Salon & Spa invites you to revitalize, refresh and renew your sense of self. Our professional staff is dedicated to serving guests with energy, enthusiasm, and a level of individual care that transcends their expectations and fosters an enduring relationship. Click on any of the categories for more details on services offered.

While most body treatments require you to remove all of your clothing, the utmost respect for your modesty is a hallmark of our spa personnel. Careful draping procedures are observed at all times. During your massage service, you will be completely covered, with the exception of the leg, arm or back area being treated. We request that you bring a swimsuit (trunks for men) for “wet room” body treatments. Lockers and showers are available for your convenience.

Please join us in the spirit of relaxation and refrain from bringing children and cell phones to the spa. To insure that everyone receives the utmost benefit from our spa services, we ask that conversations be held quietly in all spa areas.

Gratuities are always appreciated and never expected, please note that all gratuities must be in cash. We cannot accept gratuities in the form of debit or credit cards.


3055 Professional Drive
Springfield, IL 62703

(217) 753.8880


3300 Robbins Road
Springfield, IL 62704

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